Monday Sept 2

13.00 / 14.15


14.15 / 14.30

Welcome and Opening remarks

Discussion leader: Claudia Bagni (DNF University of Lausanne)

14.30 / 15.30

Keynote lecture

Erin Schuman (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research Frankfurt): TBA

15.30 16.00

Coffee Break

Session 1: Synaptic development 

Discussion leader: Esther Stoeckli (UZH Zurich)

16.00 / 16.30

Juan Burrone - Centre for Developmental Neurobiology King's College London: Activity-dependent plasticity of axo-axonic synapses at the axon initial segment

16.30 / 17.00

Mike Fainzilber (Weizmann Institute of Science): The Importins of Behavior

17.00 17.30

Joris de Wit (VIB Leuven): Proteomic dissection of the cell-surface protein repetoire specifying mossy fiber synapse identity

2 Short talks

17.30 / 18.00

Oriane Mauger (Biozentrum Basel): Targeted intron retention and excision for rapid gene regulation in response to neuronal activity

Marc Van Oostrum (ETH Zurich)Neuronal surfaceome dynamics and surface trafficking during synapse formation and synaptic plasticity

18.00 / 20.00

Reception and Poster session 


Speakers Dinner

 Tuesday Sept 3

Session 2: Neuro-Glia Interaction 

Discussion leader: Paola Bezzi (DNF University of Lausanne)

09.00 / 09.30

Nathalie Rouach (College de France Paris): Exploring astroglial glutamine transfer with novel dye: where? when? How? And what for?

09.30 / 10.00

Cagla Eroglu (Duke University): How do Glia Sculpt Synaptic Circuits?

10.00 10.30

Thora Karadottir (University of Cambridge): Age related alterations in oligodendrocyte precursor cell sensitivity to neuronal inputs

2 Short talks

10.30 / 11.00

Rosa Chiara Paolicelli (University of Lausanne): Synaptic consequences of selective microglial TDP-43 depletion

 Csaba Foldy (Brain Research Zurich)Molecular mechanisms behind adult brain rewiring

11.00 11.30

Coffee Break

Session 3: Synaptic Function & Transmission 

Discussion leader: Ralf Schneggenburger (EPFL Lausanne)

11.30 / 12.00

Jeremy Henley (MRC Centre of synaptic plasticity Bristol): Mechanisms of cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1R) trafficking and axonally polarised surface expression

12.00 / 12.30

Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou (IMBB-FORTH Crete): Cell type-specific requirements of autophagy for synaptic plasticity

12.30 13.00

Michael Kreutz (Integrative Neuroscience Centre Magdeburg): How local organelles serve synaptic function

2 Short talks

13.00 / 13.30

Cordelia Imig (University of Goettingen):  Freeze Frame Shots of Synapses in Action: Correlating Presynaptic Ultrastructure and Function at the Nanoscale


 Nicky Scheefhals (Utrecht University): Resolving the functional organization of postsynaptic glutamate receptors

13.30 15.00

Lunch and Poster Session

Session 4: Synaptic circuits and brain function 

Discussion leader: Andreas Luthi (FMI Basel)

15.00 / 15.30

Raffaella Tonini (Italian Institut of Technology): Neuromodulated plasticity at excitatory synapses of the noradrenergic Locus Coeruleus

15.30 / 16.00

Tiago Branco (Sainsbury Wellcome Centre London): Synaptic control of escape decisions

16.00 16.30

Fred Gambino (Institute for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Bordeaux): Sensory-driven LTP initiates adaptive behaviors during cortical remapping

2 Short talks

16.30 / 17.00

Matt Udakis (Bristol University): Divergent plasticity at parvalbumin and somatostatin inhibitory synapses onto CA1 pyramidal neurons shapes hippocampal output


 Annunziato Morabito (ICM Paris): Zinc as a gatekeeper of dendritic non-linearities and synaptic plasticity in cortical networks


17.00 21.00

Free time 


Party for all the attendees at Le Lacustre

 Wednesday Sept 4


Session 5: Synaptopathies    

Discussion leader: Alexandre Dayer (University of Geneva)

09.00 / 09.30           

Patrik Verstreken (VIB Leuven): Targeting Tau-induced presynaptic defects 

09.30 / 10.00

Helmut Kessels (The University of Amsterdam): Synaptic Plasticity through activation of AMPA-receptor subunit GluA3                      

10.00 / 10.30

Fabrizio Gardoni (The University of Milan): Anti-GluA3 antibodies in frontotemporal dementia: effects on glutamate neurotransmission and synaptic failure

10.30 / 11.00

2 Short talks

Marilena Griguoli (EBRI Rome): Possible implication of the CA2 hippocampal circuit in social deficits observed in the neuroligin 3 knock-out mouse, an animal model of Autism

Dominique Fernandes (University of Coimbra): Disrupted AMPA receptor function and synaptic plasticity upon genetic- or antibody-mediated loss of autism-associated CASPR2

11.00 11.30

Coffee Break

Discussion leader: Thomas Nevian (University of Bern)

11.30 / 12.30

Keynote lecture - Jeff Magee (Baylor College of Medicine Houston): Mechanisms of experience-dependent hippocampal representations 

12.30 / 14.00

Closing remarks and Lunch


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